Layered Truth, Balancing Realities, and Healing the World

I’m in the middle of a profound paradigm shift. I feel like I’ve demolished the old concrete sidewalk and a new one is being laid down to dry. In the process, I find dissonance where there was once resonance, and resonance where there was dissonance. It’s about balancing dualistic realities.

The Eagle’s eye is like a camera lens that allows us to see from great heights. It’s the Sagittarius mind that gives us the bigger picture, the higher truth. It allows us to be the observer and helps to raise our vibration when we get lost.

Then you have the Tiger’s eye. This lens gives us perspective from the ground, and allows us to see in the dark. The Tiger’s eye is more like the Capricorn mind, grounding us in this reality and showing us the practical steps it takes to accomplish our missions.

What is illusion to the higher mind is very real to the grounded mind. Truth is layered, not blanketed. As multidimensional beings, we can move through these layers in a way that allows for efficiency and grace.

We stop spiritual bypassing when we learn how and when to switch our lenses. Anyone who has taken a photography / cinematography class can tell you that it takes a little practice, some playing with the camera before you develop a feel for which lens to use in which conditions.

Looking back, I can see that I’ve used my Eagle lens in moments that required a more grounded and empathetic approach. Sometimes when we fly above our issues, and the issues that other people are going through, we bypass our very humanity, invoking spiritual cliche that comes across as cold and unfeeling, which is ironically contrary behavior to that of an enlightened being.

When we attempt to heal our wounds by seeing them as illusions, cutting away the trauma in our roots, trauma that gave us strength and fortitude, trauma that taught us invaluable lessons, trauma that balanced our karmic debt, cutting off our families, denying our history, turning away from the atrocities committed by our ancestors, while reciting our metaphysical philosophies like, “High vibes only,” we have not healed. We have repressed.

I healed my stories, not by cutting them off and labeling them illusion, but by honoring them, honoring their experiences, listening to the inner children cry, and hearing their dark tales. I stopped punishing my inner children for feeling sad or angry. I stopped neglecting them when they lowered my vibration. Instead I gave them compassion and grace. I cultivated peace and gratitude around my trauma, and harvested strength, courage, and so much power. 

Likewise, we can’t heal the world without being on the ground and honoring the suffering of the collective, turning oppression into empowerment. Media that was intended to cause division can be used to bring people together. Images that were meant to stir up fear and provoke war can be used to generate peace and oneness. But we can’t do that if we are too busy telling ourselves that what’s happening in the world is not our responsibility.

Needless to say, I’m guilty of keeping the Tiger’s lens on for too long sometimes, staying on the ground in survival mode, thrashing about and forgetting my higher purpose. It’s so easy to be angry when you’re down here. There’s so much to be angry about. I’ve got dragon fire for Capitol Hill, for the White House, for the Pentagon. I’ve got dragon fire for myself.

When I find myself feeling self-destructive, I know that I’ve been in the 3D for way too long.

I’m still working through this shift, still learning to be on the ground with the big cats, sniffing the path, watching the shadows in the dark, listening to the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and communing with my ancestors. I’m learning when it is appropriate to shape-shift into the big birds and fly with higher consciousness, remembering that I am an immortal child of the Divine, and there is nothing to fear or worry for.

If you are resonating with my journey and want more info, I recommend reading Grounded Spirituality by Jeff Brown and The Sacred Seven by Andrew Ecker. I’ve been reading these books in tandem, and they’re rocking my world. 

Aloha. Thanks for listening ❤

Personal Sovereignty and POCs in the New Age

I’ve been asking the elders in my family, both mother’s and father’s side, about my grandparents and great-grandparents. I’ve been gathering names, hearing stories, and tracing bloodlines. I scored some language and culture that I thought was dead. I even learned of some ancestral lands that my family is trying to preserve. It feels like I’m playing scavenger hunt with my ancestors. Man, it’s so dope.

Sovereignty was just an idea before. It was a good idea, and so I claimed it with my I AM presence. Now, it is becoming my reality. In my roots, I find sovereignty.

New Age teachings guide us toward ascension, reaching towards the heavens, and that is beautiful. But if we have no roots, even the tallest trees are knocked over and swept away by the storm. Some New Age gurus are contracted to teach us this lesson. I’m grateful for this.

As I go into these below spaces, my ancestors show me the things that we have been through, and the medicine that has been created for the future generations.

Most of my ancestors were European Christians who chose indigenous people as their lovers. I am a product of the genocide-ers and the genocide-ed. The Spanish decimated the indigenous people on both sides of my family, on opposite ends of the world. The main difference between the British and the Spanish is that the Spanish saw that the indigenous people were beautiful and procreated, Hence Latin Americans and Filipinos are mixed breeds with brown skin.

The British, on the other hand, founded the United States of America with empirical ambitions. They sought to keep their bloodlines pure, as they justified ownership of African and Native peoples. Genocide, slavery, and supremacy are the atrocities that founded the US.

America was never great. Turtle Island, I hear, was amazing.

Now, we collectively seek to create a world of everlasting peace and harmony. As we do that, we must heal the Self. But there is a big problem being swept under the rug. Do you notice how most New Age circles are predominately White spaces? Why?

Are People of Color really not interested in healing ourselves? lol. Many New Age circles do not provide a safe healing space for People of Color as they work on these particular ancestral traumas (genocide and slavery). But why is that?

First off, the systems that have traumatized our ancestors are still in place. The people who benefit most from these systems are White people. To build a world of everlasting peace and harmony, White people will have to let go of their privilege and give the power they have taken through generations of oppression –back to the people now fighting for social justice. From what I see, most White people not ready to admit that they have privilege, let alone give back. Just as most POCs are not ready to share culture.

The idea that POCs are obligated to share is colonial and based on White supremacy. Native culture is not a piece of merchandise to be bought, and anyone outside of the culture is not entitled to it.

There are many who like to recite prophecy to justify their sense of entitlement. Whether this prophecy is real or fabricate is beside the point. If someone says, “this is hurting me and my people,” anyone who doesn’t honor that cannot justly claim to be compassionate or righteous.

The “highest good” is one that benefits all, not just the privileged.

Thank you to my White siblings who are aware of their privilege, who work hard to not abuse their privilege, who are willing to learn and grow, who use their privilege responsibly. This medicine is so powerful. I am humbled by you all. ❤

The Law of Attraction is problematic. It’s not difficult to understand how it works. And there is no denying that it works.

We are taught that we are each responsible for every thing that happens to us in this life. We are powerful enough to transmute low vibrations, change stories, and shift our realities. This is true. Following this logic, when People of Color appeal to our White siblings about social justice and the abuse of privilege, we are too often told to get out of victim mentality and take responsibility for our issues.

Except that social justice is everyone’s issue. The conditions of our society is a direct result of our actions or inactions as a group.

The Law of Attraction tells us to focus on our own vibration, to the extent of shutting down our sense of empathy for the sake of our vortex. The Law of Attraction teaches us to focus only on feeling good, allowing for repression, complacency, and the expansion of shadow.

The Law of Attraction is a great tool for manifesting. It is not as effective as medicine.

My ancestors are sending me back into the earth and showing me that not all the answers come from the Star Nation. Those ascended masters are so wise with higher knowledge. But many of them do not understand the wisdom found in the below spaces, found in millions of years of life on Earth.

Our Mother Earth is proficient in the language of evolution. It is good to listen to Father Sky and all the prophets that have come to bring his Love. Don’t forget that we are coming back into balance through the rising of the Feminine, and her Divine Wisdom. Mother Earth is going to evolve with or without us.

If there are people who think that the world will magically align with the New Earth, I tell you, it will seem like magic because other people are doing the 3D work.

I did not come here to be an Ascended Master. I came here to be human, and fully present in human form. I came here to make a difference and find joy in the process. I am not here to be perfect, to only experience joy, or to fulfill anyone else’s vision of who I should be.

I know that everyone has a role to play, and all roles are sacred. Play your role, listen to your soul. Connect deeply into the Earth and stand strong in your sovereignty.

I am honored to be here with you and walk beside you. Thank you so much for listening.

Big Aloha. ❤


A Woman’s Inherent Right to Choose

I hope that my friends can see that it isn’t about abortion. It’s not about saving lives. I have never been pregnant and if I ever got pregnant, I’d like to think that I would never abort my child. However, this is bigger than pro-life vs. pro-choice.

Before there was abortion laws, long before Roe vs. Wade, before there were hospitals and birth control, before there was civilization, women who were not ready for motherhood ingested poison, used sharp objects, committed suicide.

No matter what the law says, women have always and will always have a choice, even when that choice is brutal for both the mother and the embryo/fetus/child.

A cisgender man will never understand what it feels like to have a life growing inside him, to know that he is responsible for that life. He will never understand what kind of love it takes to choose to end that life.

Of course, all life is significant. All life is precious. This truth is embedded in our soul. Let’s not forget this truth when we look at the girls and women who have been raped, girls and women who have no access to birth control or sex education, girls and women who have systematically been programmed to believe that their worth is tied to their sexuality, body image, and ability to please a man.

We are living in a world where White men and boys get slaps on the wrists for raping women and children, the same system that wants to force women to become mothers.

When the mother gives birth, and she cannot care for her child, will the child be abandoned in hospitals? Doorsteps? Thrown into trash cans? Will children be abused and murdered by the same women who KNEW she was unfit? Do these states have systems set up to support these women?

The answer is no. The voters may truly care for the women and children, but the system does not. The system is set up, not to save lives, but to oppress women.

Black women, White women, Brown women, Muslim and Christian women. Cis and Trans women. ALL WOMEN.

If we support women, if we teach young girls to find their true worth, if we give them sex education, if we give them easy access to birth control, if we respect their bodies and honor their boundaries, if we teach them that it’s okay to say no, if we tell them they are beautiful and powerful and capable, if we listen with our hearts to what they to say, if we support their decisions, if we express our love for them, if we do these things, they will be better mothers. But if all we do is create a law that seemingly takes their options away, all we have done is oppress them further.

All life is precious. But we cannot force a woman to become a mother. If you think abortion is brutal, I would hate to see the choices that women might make when they realize that despite abortion bans, SHE STILL HAS A CHOICE.

Sending so much love to all sisters, mothers, and daughters. Keep your head up.

Men, boys, and masculines: please stand up and use your voice. It is our responsibility to dismantle the patriarchy.

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