Unity Consciousness, Social Justice, and My Moral Standards

It’s been a while since I’ve addressed the public, mostly because I need the space. I’ve been looking at my social media presence, noticing the dynamics which are now shifting into healthier more productive and interdependent spaces. I deleted all but my YouTube and LinkedIn accounts, but I will return to social media one day.

Some of the arguments made against my online presence was that I was causing division. It’s an interesting response to a call for social justice, being backed by spiritual principles, but ultimately founded in white supremacy. It’s astounding how New Age culture is aligned with the same patriarchal system it claims to oppose.

People of color are always welcome to white spaces, as long as one doesn’t point out social injustice or make others aware of their unconscious support of white supremacy. These whistle-blowers are shunned for being in victim mentality and causing division. When the oppressed are not only not heard, but silenced and shamed, that tends to feel kind of neo-nazi-ish. You know?

I’ve heard many New Age arguments that use spiritual talking points like “change starts within,” to defend white supremacy instead of actually standing on that very principle to look within the self and recognize the thought forms and behaviors that uphold white supremacy.

Cultural appropriation is an obvious one. How about commercial ambitions, making big profits on the sickness of others?

One of my favorite Ayahuasca curanderos went from charging $150 per ceremony to $5,000+. Of course, it included luxurious room, board, and food, so some say it is justified. The problem is that most Latin Americans cannot afford this. Ayahuasca is an indigenous medicine from Latin America. This practitioner has exploited the medicine, abandoned their people, and now only serves the privileged.

“Ikaika, you’re being judgmental and blocking abundance.”

Yes, I’m making judgments. The judgement of said judgment is also a judgment. LOL.

So how about rapists and murderers? Should we not judge them? Why is it wrong to judge capitalists who exploit the oppressed but totally fine to judge rapists and murderers? Could it be because some violations or sins are obviously wrong and others widely acceptable?

I’m not trying impose my sense of morality on others. I’m not in judgment of people who manifest abundance (albeit in a crooked economic system). I’m saying there are real problems which need resolution if we are going to manifest a world of peace and harmony. Instead of defending ones position and denying the complaints of others, I wish practitioners would stop a take a good look at themselves.

Unity consciousness without social and economic justice is just white supremacy in sheep’s clothing.

The “New Earth” will not be built on white supremacy, and until the New Age community makes that shift, there will be dissonance between the New Agers and the revolution for social justice.

Props to those holding the space in both circles.

My intention is not to divide. It is imperative that we come together, but not unconsciously. We can’t preach unity consciousness and then turn around and appropriate culture. We can’t say we care about the whole of humanity and then continue to build on the foundations of oppression. Those of us doing the work of decolonizing can differentiate a genuine apology from a defensive argument.

If you’re preaching unity consciousness, please do the work of decolonizing your mind. That means unraveling internalized power structures, unlearning white-superiority, and denouncing privileges that keep others in poverty. AND MUCH MORE!

That being said, let’s talk about unity consciousness. For real.

I think the most important thing is for us to be able to come to the table with an open heart and listen. To stop defending ourselves and really listen, especially when it feels like we are being unfairly accused. We need the courage to ask if our responses, especially when they are passionate, might be covering up deeper, more painful truths.

We should examine our language and ask ourselves how we can speak to each other in more efficient ways. Political correctness is good common ground, but it can also be a hinderance. We can’t expect people to learn political correctness if we aren’t allowing them to speak from the space they truly are.

While it’s necessary to hold others accountable, this should be balanced with acknowledging progress. If all we do is call out impurity, people not only don’t want to try, many go out of their way to be offensive. If we offered a child negative criticism to the exclusion of praise and acceptance, the child would become the very thing we criticized them for.

We need to listen deeply to which words are helpful and which are harmful, and when. We need the wisdom to know which conversations are worth our energy, and which should be ignored. We need to honor ourselves, even when preachy bloggers push us towards their agenda.

Haha. *laughs at Self*

I know we are all tired of the bullshit. Division won’t magically disappear by imagining unity. We have to build those bridges from the inside, to really look at how we might be contributing to the mess, make those shifts, and be willing to learn.

We don’t have to wait until we are healed to start taking action. We honestly don’t have time for that. We have to heal ourselves and the world at the same time. If you understand metaphysics, you know that’s how it works. Everything happens simultaneously.

These words are for me to live by. I am creating my own moral standard, one which I will spend my life trying (and failing) to live up to. It’s important that we allow ourselves and each other to be imperfect humans. This is the space in which we grow.

I don’t have time to revise this blog. So here it is, raw and unedited.

Blessings of clarity, grace, and deep inner peace ❤

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