Ancestral Rage, Collective Pain, and the Strong Roots that weather big storms

One might think it might be easier to deal with current events without the connection to our ancestors, especially if they have been suffering for hundreds of years. When justice is medicine, it’s revolution or extinction.

Sure, it might seem easier if we didn’t have to feel this rage, if we were not tasked with healing our bloodlines and overthrowing corporate fascism. Then we could numb ourselves to the gravity of the situation with some form of escapism, and absolve ourselves of all guilt of apathy and mindlessness. No, we could not do that for that would be a degradation to powerless victimhood.

Instead, we gather the strength and resilience from our roots, like tree trunks for boot straps, running deep into the Earth. We are rooted by the stone wisdom accumulated over the millennia. We are nurtured by the thunder and rain. And as we root ourselves deep, deeper, we feel the ghosts of our bloodline’s past. Mistakes made. Evolution achieved. The never ending story of how I was made.

As the flames and floodwater remind us of broken trust, the conquistadors wage war against the indigenous, and I feel the bitter hate within my soul. Tears and blood stain the haunted red dirt with mass graves and desecrated temples.

The truth? A demonic illness consumed my ancestors, white men with white power, and oh the unspeakable things they did to my ancestors, the Taino, the Filipino, the African. O the people of Hawai’i.

I feel the war within me.

Are you strong enough to cry? Come, and sit. Let’s cry together.

I see you, Peaceful Warrior. It takes great courage to offer peace as your enemy raises his sword.

I see you, Medicine Person. It takes wisdom to die knowing death is just a lie.

I see you, Lover of Love. It takes faith, hope, and trust to create sparks of light out of the pitch dark of night.

I know you are tired. I feel your pain. Rest, heal, and know that you are not alone. Your careful words are not in vain. Your effort is witnessed by all of Heaven. Your ancestors would be proud.

With the support of our roots and all our relations, to the fortitude of our Lion hearts, the nature of Love as all that is –Justice, Peace, and Harmony, we shall prevail.

We shall prevail.

We are victorious.

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