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I came to Portland with the mind of a curious yet broken child, and I will leave this city with my sovereignty, my peace, and my Truth.

I’ve outgrown those rose-colored shades, for I can’t heal what I can’t see.

I’ve abandoned the illusion of perfection and virtue, for bright lights create shadow, and my soul chooses the Middle Path.

I’m transmuting the lust for money, power, and recognition, the culture of internalized white supremacy.

I’m confronting my fears and reparenting my orphaned inner-children, for this work makes me whole.

I’m accepting responsibility for the pain I’ve caused others, and of course, myself. Here I reclaim innocence and peace.

I’m choosing to sit with my own grief, to channel my rage in beneficial ways, and to give myself grace when I don’t have the strength.

I’m learning to rest, to listen, to receive. Most of all, to be patient.

I’m reclaiming my Divinity. No human on Earth can take this from me.

I’m learning to treat Creation as Creator, a Temple made in Their image.

I’m taking my power back from all man-made institutions, like religion, politics, and the assumptions of my own peers.

I’m learning what it means to love and be loved, imperfect as we are.

The growing pains promise new beginnings, like a wish on a butterfly wing.

The destruction and creation happens simultaneously, thus I embrace both grief and joy, and continue to dance along the sacred red road.

I am gathering these lessons, and letting untruth fall away.

I am grateful for all that has transpired.

I am listening….