Aloha. My name is Ikaika. I’m a writer, filmmaker, shamanic practitioner, and friend of our Mother Earth. My mission involves healing the planet and all her inhabitants, through story and energy medicine.

       My partner and I are working on our first feature film, a documentary entitled                   Gender as a SpectrumWe are taking donations on Paypal @ ikaikatorres32@gmail.com

I am currently writing transmedia, or a multi-platform mega-story. The driving platforms are two novels and two big-budget screenplays. From there, I’ll be working on putting together a team of creative artists to produce The Multiverse.

This sci-fi / paranormal thriller extends from fiction and film to graphic novel, and video game.

Read a sample of The Ascension of Nikola Woolf, the first novel to be released.

Here’s a gift for my readers. Another.

If you want to learn more about energy medicine or booking a session, click here.

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