Energy Medicine

I am not taking clients at the moment!

Hey, my name is Ikaika. I’m a shamanic practitioner. I am currently training at Lightsong School of 21st Century Shamanism. However, I was initiated the day I was born.

Quantum physics tells us that everything is energy, including disease. I believe that all sickness and disease are physical manifestations of an energetic misalignment. This can be caused by trauma, conflict, or changes.

The placebo effect is evidence that our body can heal in response to our consciousness.

Shamanism is energy medicine.

I work with a team of Ascended Masters, Power Animals, and Nature Spirits. We journey into the Spirit realm and bring in the medicine that the client is ready for. This could include soul retrievals, belief system unraveling, and altering akashic records. I always extract dense energy that the client does not need, and call in Source energy or Divine essence (soul parts).

I am shown visions. Sometimes they are actual events, other times they are just metaphors. They may show me that part of your soul is in another dimension, but that could be a metaphor to explain why your soul is just hanging outside your body. We work to reintegrate you into wholeness, and align you with your highest good.

Scientists work with numbers and equations. I work with visions and metaphors.

I am not a medical doctor or psychologist. Please consider my work a supplement to your treatment, and continue to see a professional in the appropriate field.

Core Shamanism does not conflict with any religions. If you are open to being healed by Spirit, you are ready.

I am located in Portland, Oregon, but I am trained in distance work.