Aloha. My name is Ikaika. I’m a storyteller. I also do energy work. Here’s my artist bio.

2007 Only Memory Remains, a tragic teenage romance was Torres’ first book to be published.

2012 I Heard the Pastor’s Daughter is Gay, a novel, was published by Regal Crest Enterprises.

2012 Earned an Associate of Arts in Creative Writing at College of Southern Nevada, while also studying Theatre Arts and Art of Film.

2013 Wrote, produced, and starred in the short film, “Tell-Tale Heart,” a modern adaptation of Poe’s classic short.

2014 Teamed up with Logan Writes to create and co-star in two short stage plays. “Only Fools” and “The Beloved” were both romantic comedies.

2014 Featured background actor in Tim Story’s Think Like a Man Too.

2018 Started studying video and film at NW Film Center.

2018 Legally changed their name from “Luana” to “Ikaika Luana,” by order of Multnomah County Courts.

2018 Teamed up with Alethia Adams to create a short narrative featuring the music of Ryan Walsh, “Venus in Scorpio.” 

2019 Created first stop-motion animation, “Missing Children.” Production for Gender as a Spectrum begins.

2019 Began studying Multimedia at Portland Community College.

13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Akasha, what a beautiful writing style you have. I feel every word you write and I am touched by you. There is nothing I would like to do more than to open my arms and give you a great big hug and tell you that everything, no matter what, will be ok! Thank you for your courage and honesty, it’s openness like this that will help the world heal ♥

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  2. Just wanted to say how immensely grateful I am for your videos and writings on twin flames. Only we twin flames can understand each other, amidst all the new age junk, the false information and the projections of people’s unconsciousness. Your work is a pillar of divine truth.

    Sending you love (to you and your twin ❤ )!!!


  3. I cannot even begin to articulate how deeply amazed I am by your presence and energy – though of course living in a higher vibration is normal for you given you are a Being from one of those beloved planets that are light years away from us – I sometimes wonder which one. But which one in truth doesn’t matter. What is important is that you are proof that Light Beings from the galactic federation or similar loving galaxies are sending their own kind to Gaia to assist and inspire us with ascension, connection to creator source and so much more. In Gratitude and Joy I thank you for your soul resonance. MCF


  4. Hey Akasha I’ve been following you for a while now and I gotta say we have a lot in common. Is your birthday December 17 or 18? I’m on the 17th. I recently had a kundalini activation before your lastest video and the experience of my kundalini activation is around the whole concept of true love and non attachment. Anyway just wanted to say I’m happy to know there’s like another version of me out there. Hopefully we can share/talk more later.


      1. Reaching what? My kundalini activation? Both times it seem like it was triggered accidentally whenever I have a breakdown. I feel like an amateur with this whole kundalini awakening. It’s hard to meditate sometimes because my body would burn up. Sometimes I would feel like stinging prickles all over my body like being shocked from electricity then I would be drained the next day.


      2. I meant reaching out, lol. Stupid autocorrect.

        It sounds like you’re doing well. I think that when you feel these sensations, you are destroying outdated mental complexes.


  5. Akasha’s energy work has made a huge impact on my life. If anyone is considering doing energy work of any kind with Akasha, do it! They performed a remote extraction on me while I was asleep and recorded the session. Wow! I was in tears when I woke up and heard the recording. It was so spot on, and I cannot describe how much lighter I felt. I felt (and feel) so much more myself. I feel like the extraction successfully cut energetic ties with people that I formed draining attachments to, and I feel like my energy is mine again. I woke up feeling joyful (wow! That is a big one for me) I felt motivated, and positive, and I felt like doing things for myself, by myself. I feel more independent, and less attached to people who have broken my heart. I also feel a deep sense of compassion and forgiveness for them, and I am learning to not need their presence (and be happy about it!) thank you Akasha. I feel like my brain has been re-wired. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Eternally.


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